Top-premium-partner of SOLARWATT


We are very pleased that CET Technology is now also the top premium partner of SOLARWATT!
This means that we are one of the few top partners among over 500 partners.

We are among the top 30!


We are pleased to announce that CET Technology is now one of the selected, certified top partners of SENEC.IES!
This means that we are among the top 30 of more than 500
SENEC.IES partners.


It was a pleasure for us to have participated in the opening of the wind park in Höchstadt.
Perfect weather, interested people and of course a great team!

Another great step towards a clean and safe future has been mastered.

We are specialist partner of SENEC!

CET Technology is now one of the selected, certified partners of SENEC.IES!
SENEC is the market leader in Germany when it comes to sustainable battery storage systems.
In addition to excellent quality "Made in Germany", Senec offers unique solutions such as, for example, Senec.Cloud 100% self current

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